About Technopolis

Smart, effective, hand-crafted public relations and marketing services that drive news coverage and product reviews of technologies for work, home and play.



Technopolis services drive sales, forge partnerships, attract investors, build brands, introduce a target audience to the idea of a product or service, generate news coverage and score product reviews.

Case Studies.

Media & Analyst Tours.

Media Pitching.

Media Training.

Press Conferences.

Press Release Writing & Distribution.

Reviewers Guides.

Strategic & Tactical Messaging.

Tradeshow Planning, Management & Support

Annual Reports.

Business Plans.

Business to Business Marketing.

Business to Consumer Marketing.

Customer, Media & Prospect Surveys.

Employee Communications.

Event Marketing.

Investor Relations.

Market Research.


UI Consulting & Design.

Product Launch Plans.

Website Content & Planning.

Product Evaluation, Enhancement.

Product Guides & Manuals.

Sales Collateral.

Technical Writing.

White Papers.

Computer & software consulting.


Technopolis finds the relevant, compelling, often elusive message that distinguishes your product, service and company; exploits that message in a compelling way, consistently, to break through the competitive noise that clutters the marketplace; communicates that message to editors, reporters, columnists and analysts, blogs, newsgroups, online subscribers, consumers and other target audiences.


Specific tasks, flat fees

Looking for your first PR agency?

Or, are you paying an overinflated monthly retainer to a big agency that insists on selling more services than you need?

Technopolis executes task-specific programs built around equally specific strategic goals. Your goals. With a detailed timeline to work against. With flat fees for the work Technopolis does for you.

How aggressive do you want to be? What do you want people to say about your product, service or company a year from now? What do you want to motivate people to do? Will we introduce one product during a media tour? Or at a tradeshow? Is a media tour even needed? Will Technopolis track potential reviews and coverage for the six months or more it takes monthly magazines to publish?

With a task-specific campaign, you know what Technopolis will be doing, when, and why. And you know what it will cost.

Accountable? Yes. Affordable? Absolutely.

Technopolis charges for the work to be done, not by the hour.

Flat fees. Fixed costs. The best investment for your marketing dollars.


Return on investment

There’s a myth that you can’t measure the return on investment in PR.


Technopolis executed a year-long campaign to introduce a product. The campaign helped to increase press coverage and product reviews by 700 percent, exposed the product to more than 50 million readers a month, and generated more than 150 product awards.

That campaign also helped to establish brand and market positions that were identified as a key asset when a company invested $9 million in the client.

Similarly, other Technopolis campaigns helped to make several clients visible and credible for acquisition.

Press coverage tracked by one client averaged over 20 million impressions per quarter and generated over 35 percent of incoming leads — while also expanding the press list to over 650 editors in core vertical markets, up from 125 editors.

Technopolis introduced seven software titles for one client the year before that company went public. The prospectus cited PR and marketing for a 67.6 percent increase in net revenues to $16.6 million, up from $9.9 million the prior year.

Not bad, right? But it’s only half the story. The prospectus also reported that each dollar invested by that software client in work executed by Technopolis helped to generate more than $111 in new sales.


Beyond PR

There's more to PR than press releases and email messages to editors.

Integrate tactical goals with strategic planning.

For example, to counter a claim it infringed a software patent, a Technopolis client opted for an aggressive public affairs campaign. That campaign generated news coverage and columns in computer, business and consumer publications. It generated more product reviews. It also sparked letters from a U.S. senator and the Software Publisher’s Association questioning the merit of the patent. In response, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decided to re-examine the patent. Then it overturned the patent. Which saved the Technopolis client from an expensive court battle — and put an end to all demands for royalties.

Get personal.

Give life and personality to your products. Instead of of saying your hard drive lasts a long time, how about profiling a customer who has been using your hard drive for five years? People like to read about people. So do reporters.

Timing is everything.

Launching the company next week? How could you expect miracles? Plan ahead. Do your homework. Start talking to reporters before the launch, before the tradeshow. Call Technopolis before the product is ready. Scrambling at the last minute does not generate buzz — or coverage. Some monthlies work six months ahead of publication.



Technopolis clients range from groundbreaking startups to global leaders, among them:

800 Support
Above Software
Austin Wireless Alliance 
Bowne Global Solutions 
Centron Software 
Dariana Software 
Davidson Software 
Dr. Solomon 
Evermore Software 
Kittyhawk Software 
Learning Co. 
Messe Berlin 
Number Nine 
Online Computer Systems 
Pacific Crest Technologies 
PC Dynamics 
PLX Systems 
Reed Technology 
Shortcut Software 
Smart Online 
Streetwise Software 
Torridon / Swiftlight 
TransPacific Telecom 
Vermont Software 


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