Integrate tactical goals with strategic planning.

For example, to counter a claim it infringed a software patent, a Technopolis client opted for an aggressive public affairs campaign. That campaign generated news coverage and columns in computer, business and consumer publications. It generated more product reviews. It also sparked letters from a U.S. senator and the Software Publisher’s Association questioning the merit of the patent. In response, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decided to re-examine the patent. Then it overturned the patent. Which saved the Technopolis client from an expensive court battle — and put an end to all demands for royalties.

Get personal.

Give life and personality to your products. Instead of of saying your hard drive lasts a long time, how about profiling a customer who has been using your hard drive for five years? People like to read about people. So do reporters.

Timing is everything.

Launching the company next week? How could you expect miracles? Plan ahead. Do your homework. Start talking to reporters before the launch, before the tradeshow. Call Technopolis before the product is ready. Scrambling at the last minute does not generate buzz — or coverage. Some monthlies work six months ahead of publication.